BobbyKoz a powerful and pronounced rapper was born into a family with a musical lineage. At an early age, he was exposed to various types of music through his family within the music business. He listened to Jazz, Rock, Rhythm and Blues growing up. As he got older his brother introduced him to Rap, and this is where BobbyKoz found his voice. He then made a conscious decision to major in English in college to develop his creative, prolific, compelling, expressive lyrics. Rapping the driving force of his perfectionism.

Today BobbyKoz is a signed artist with NGE.

Excited to share his music with the world.

Bobby NGR


KeyzSpitz is a gifted singer and songwriter, with a natural falsetto, giving him a wide vocal range and the ability to capture the emotional force of his compelling lyrics. At a very early age his family, performers themselves realized that he had an ear for music, a brilliant singing voice, and a natural talent for entertaining. The volatility in his early life has created Keyz’ kinetic, grandiose style while performing. Keyz began writing lyrics using poetry, and with his musical genius, he embarked on creating works of art. Influenced by Reggae, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rhythm and Blues, he has developed his own style combining Rap with R&B.

Today Keyz is a signed artist with NGE.

Excited to share his music with the world

KeyzSpitz NGE